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New Zealand Army - WW2

Last summer I started a new army for Bolt Action: the 2nd New Zealand Division.
The infantry is  mainly Perry Miniatures,  while the vehicles are from Warlord Games and Blitzkrieg Miniatures.
The choice of this army is due to its role during the whole Italian Campaign.
I will collect the 2nd NZ Div, focusing on the summer of '44.
The main element characterizing the army will be the inclusion of the Maori Battalion as infantrymen. 

Her below are the first units I painted: 

HQ and artillery observer:

1st Maori squad

2nd Maori Squad

1st Bren Carrier

Ordnance QF 25 Pdr 

80mm Mortar Team

Ultimi post

M106 Esercito Italiano

Cannone da 75/39 (aka PAk97/38)

Autoprotetto AS37

Bolt Action Vineyard

Arco-Flagellants and Heavy Flamer

Penitent Engine

Sister Repentia

Sidam 25

Italians with German Weapons

Italian Army - Late War