Imperial Ork

what do we have here?
There are several branches of the Inquisition; some more orthodox, other more radical.
Some radical Inquisitors of the Ordo Xeno are glad to use xenos as weapon, being able to valorize each aspects of alien races.

Here you may appreciate the first try of breeding orks for the Imperium. They originate from some mercenaries of the Blood Axes clan hired. The Inquisitor is trying to reproduce them in limited number in order to be able to deploy them.
It is know the difficulty to remove ork infestation from the surface of a planet, so their use has to be limited and only in case of dire situation, as it could be a planet fall to the chaos powers.
The orks are meant to fight and to keep busy chaos troops, while Imperial troops prepare to strike.
The resistance of the ork race to the chaos taint is also very useful in this task.    

Orks are good warmachine, but they are also a very unpredictable instrument...


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