Salute 2016

I had the opportunity to travel to London this year to attend the show Salute. 
It was an impressive miniatures fair. Like I never saw before. 
I would only complain that it lasted only one day and I could not see everything I wanted. 
It should defenitely last two days, Saturday AND Sunday.

I could see first hand all the beautiful kits I only knew from internet. 

I enjoyed the new Renedra plastic castle. It costs a bit, but it is worth its money.

I met my idols, the creators of the most beautiful Warhammer and historical miniatures:
The Perry twins.
Sadly they refused my proposal of marriage...

My Iron hands T-shirt was not enough...
Nevertheless, we bought enough boxes to make our own Hundred Years War.
(Those models are from the creator of the Bretonnian miniatures range!)

As a player of both Secrets of the Third Reich and Dust, I was very curious about the new Konflikt '47 game. It will use the easy and fast Bolt Action rules and it will be released this summer.

The show was full of beautiful gaming tables, like this one about Agincourt:

As I said it was great to see in person the companies' product, as many things cannot be shown on internet, like this Zinge Industries conversion kit for the GW Taurux:

In the evening we had the chance to met, in the hotel pub, some people who attended the fair during the day.
Here we are with Angel Giraldez, the first painter of the Infinity games.

And then we met the moderator of Beasts of War.

It was a great day!
I can't wait to paint my new models!

 Warmonger Miniatures

Catapult Crew from Wargames Factory 

Goblin from North Umbrian Tin Soldiers

and many more...


  1. Excellent photos, love the Konflikt '47 stuff, mainly the Soviet minis. Do you have any more pictures of Konflikt, and did you learn much about game itself?


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