Bretonnian Brigands

Here it is my next project:
Bretonnian Brigands, aka L'Hommes du Renault.

I bought the new (and amazing) Perry's French infantry from their Agincourt range.
The fit perfectly with the 5th ed Bretonnian models (being sculpted by the same 3 hands  )

Looking at the weapon options I got the idea of reproducing a unit I always loved, but could never have the original models.

This one:

I've always liked the idea of Bretonnian men-at-arms armed with two hands weapons.

Now, with the Perry's kit, I can make them. 

With a litte research, I found the original name and painting scheme for this unit:

I have even found their 3rd edition Bretonnian Army entry:

Now, so well motivated by the new models and the "newly found" Oldhammer rules and pictures, I converted the 10 models for my new unit.
Here you are!

Rulewise, they will be a good counter-charge 10-men Troop. 


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