Bretonnian Herrimaults / Forest Hunters

My next project is a small unit of Herrimaults.

The "command group" is composed by Bertrand le Brigand, Hugo le Petit and Gui le Gros.

The rest of the unit will be a mix of other "rapscallion-looking" models. I have some Revolting peasants from Foundry. Plus I converted an old Bret archer and gave it a more "outlaw-looking" head.

Then I needed a 10th model.
I wanted to use a Bretonnian model. So I went back to my 5th ed bits box and saved another old Bertrand's archer.
The pose was the typical 5th ed plastic one, so I went with the cutter and I removed the head and both arms.
I used a 6th ed plastic archer head, as I did on the archer in the photo above, plus a pair of Mordheim/Empire Militia archer arms.
I am very satisfied how I could save this old model and I gave it a new life.
Those 5th ed plastic archers are very cheap to find on ebay, I am thinking of converting more of them.

The unit will be played
in Kings of War as the Brotherhood Swain's Villein Rangers,
in Lion (and Dragon) Rampant as Bidowers scouts.
in 9th Age as Brigands with a Castellan Hero.


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