Team Yankee Italian Army

I am going on with my project of providing the game of all needed in order to play the Italian Army.

It is a long process, I have to make a full research about historical facts and armoury, then I have to get the models and paint them. At last, but not least, I have to elaborate the graphic for the game together with good quality photos.
It is not easy nor simple, but I enjoy it. It is a kind of accademic research.

The cards are based on official Team Yankee units.
Where possible, I am going to use existing  (usually US or West German) game units and use the correspontent card as a starting point.

For that reason some point are arguable: e.g. the Morale,
yes it is high, probably 4+ would fit better.
In the West German unit cards the units have Moral 3+ and I kept it.
 If I would change this value, the cards would became fan made (and then there would be a new problem: do the Leopard then cost only 2 points instead of 3?)
For this reason, in order to remain official,  I prefer not to change card statistics.

The main battle tank Leopard 1:

And the self-propelled heavy artillery, the M109: 


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