Sidam 25

This is a good story in the world of wargaming.
For many month I've been looking for a possible conversion for a Team Yankee vehicle: the Italian Anti-Aircraft Sidam25.
It was the only missing armoured vehicle to complete my Italian army for Team Yankee.
I've asked some15mm miniatures produces, but with no results.

Until the day I contacted Butlers Printed Models. He was interested in the project and he told he would have it added to his "to do list".
One month ago he wrote me back to say that he 3Dmodelled the turret and that the Sidam 25 was available on his website!
I ordered immediately two platoons and received the 3D printed 15mm vehicles in few days.

I started immedately to remove the extra sculpt and I was surprised to find out that it is very easy and fun. The material used for the 3D print is extremely hard and resilient. 

After some time spent in sandparering the surface the models were finally ready! The dream was becoming reality...

Now only a bit of paint and the new unit is ready to fight on the battlefield against the read bear.


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