Heavy Weapon team, 81st Vanaheim Siege Infantry

  Siege of the Hive World Krantos IV, Noxias System. M41- The Plague Wars


"After Cults of Corruptions spread a hideous virus on the planet, the planetary defence forces collapsed. The complete lock down of the population was not enough to stop the death toll to rise exponentially. The enormous number of decomposing bodies allowed plague daemons to enter the reality, followed shortly by plague marines.

After several weeks of fierce resistance, the Imperial headquarter decided to evacuate the hive world, saving all the combatant units still operative and all the transportable resources.

The 81st Vanaheim was tasked to defend the spaceport as long as possible. The depicted heavy weapon team was posthumously awarded the Victoria Eagle for taking down a plague marine daemon prince."

Heavy Weapon team, 2nd Company, 81st Vanaheim Siege Infantry Regiment



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