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FEC: Mortar Team and Flamethrower

 To complete my French Expeditionary Corps I completed a 60mm mortar team and a flamethrower.  The models are 3D printed models from Wargaming3D, the author is Pipewankenobi . I replaced the heads of the mortar crew to better represent the soldiers of the Moroccan Division fighting on the mountains near Cassino.     

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French Expeditionary Corps : Tirailleurs

Bretonnia - Mounted Yeomen

Worringen Foot Knights

Worringen- Light Infantry - Medieval Milita

Worringen Knight

Bolt Action - Carabinieri

Fallschirmjäger Mortar Team - Tropical Uniform

Bretonnian Knight of the Realm of Berme

Mercenary Ogre Leadbelcher

Francesco Ferrucci