Mercenary Ogre Leadbelcher

 In my gaming group there is revival of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th and 7th edition. 

I am currently playing my Dogs of War and I decided to add an unit of Leadbelcher from the Ogre Kingdom army book as Special Unit, following the "Mercenary" rule of the same book. 

The models are resin MOM Miniatures I bought time ago in a Kickstarter of theirs. I love the Landsknecht style and the "professional" look they have. I painted them with the colors of the rest of the army in order to obtain a general look, even if every model is different. 

I plan to use the unit in game for a counter-asssault. With their short range weapons, they are going to wait behind the pikemen line to face enemy flanking or flying units or to soften not engaged tough enemies. 



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