Bretonnian men at arms with spear

I finally finished another infantry unit.
This is the first finished unit of men at arms I am working on.
It is based on Berme, one of the two twin fortress on which the Marquis De Rochefort bases the defence of his fiefdom.
On the pictures you may see the Coat-of-Arms of Berme and the De Rochefort's family.

The models are a mix match of several companies collected in the last 18 years. There are OOP metal Bret men at arms,
new plastic Bret men at arms converted to hold a normal shield and a spear,
Grenadier, Perry's Hundered Year war French pavesier, Harlequin miniatures, Mirliton Miniatures, two scottish pikemen I forgot the company, plus a unit champion form Fenryll.

In Kings of War I play them as Spear Phalanx from the Kingdom of Men list.

The unit champion is the bastard son of the Baron of Berme. 
He is a very big and strong man, he is called "the mountain" from the peasants. 

A small house rule to, represent him in Warhammer, is:  

Upgrade to the unit champion:
Ws4, S4, T4, Ld8, Knightly Vow, heavy armour and shield (+20 pts)


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