Conquest Games Medieval Knights Review

I will start a small Lion Rampant campaign with focus on the battles between the two factions in Italy during XII and XIV Century: the Guelphs and Ghibellines.

I already have a collection of Mirliton miniatures, but I am looking to expand my collection in order to have two playable armies. 

The Conquest Games Medieval Knights box offers a good number of plastic knights for a fair price. 

The box contains 16 detailed models, easy to assemble and with a nice of variety of weapon options.

There are 3x Knight Sprues:

There is a command sprue:

and two extra Horses Sprues


 The armour are for the XII Century, so the helm will look a bit outdated in the time period we are going to fight. But they are going to represent low born knights in my army list (Mounted Sergeants @4pts), so I think that is not going to be an issue.
The models are correct 28mm, with the horse being a little small. Not an issue at all, in my opinion.
 Size comparison with a Mirliton model

 Size comparison with plastic Perry light cavalry:


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