Bretonnia 1996 - 2016

It has been a long journey. In a cold and dark evening of 20 years ago, unaware of the meaning of what  was going to happen, I bought the Bretonnian army book. It was meant to be a Christmas gift.

I felt in love with it. A love so strong that still endure after so many years.
So much happened in this time. Studies, life experience, jobs and other games. But my love for this fantasy medieval world inhabited by valiant knights living in tall castles never extinguished.

Obviously I had other interests and other hobbies in these years, but every time I came back to my "first love".
Still today, when I have some spare time, painting a Bretonnian miniature makes me feel again like that teenager of so much time ago.

I have to thank a great Lord of the past, the first who settled the Bretonnian community in the newly born internet (yes, there was a time without it):
Earl Cadfael 

Thanks to him I came to love even more this army and I felt part of a community.
The list of friends I met in there and at the Round Table (a new community I created together with a friend of mine) is long, together we shared our passion for this little world, which will survive to any Age to come.

Once I heard a good theory about the Lady of the Lake:
She could have been Ariel, trying to lead the Bretonni toward the good, but after so many centuries the Diety became an indipendent one, a real goddess created by the Knights and Ladies of Bretonnia. Because in Warhammer the people create the gods, and not vice versa.

Well, the same happened to Breonnia: it was once an army created by Nigel Stillman for the GW company. But today is a spirit, a concept, an idea of chivalry in fantasy that will never die.
There are already other companies and fans that are writing ruleset and sculpting models for Bretonnia. We made it what is it and it will endure.

To celebrate these 20 years I am currently painting some Bret models.

The first one is a just bought Black Tree Design model. I had not good memories of that company. I don't remember who pointed out in a forum that their range was not tat bad. Then I went on their online store and picked a couple of models. They are very '90s. They fit quite well with the 5th ed range and the theme of the anniversary.

This model is at the same time something old and new:
It is an old model, but painted in order to fit with my current 6th ed range.
Foot Knights is an old concept, but it is a new unit in my army.

The models received a 5th ed plastic crest and shield. I decided to use a 25mm base to give the model and the future unit a bigger visual impact on the battlefield. They are élite warriors, they have to get larger bases then commoners

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Sir Taureau the Red Bull, the Energy Knight!


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