I have been busy last weeks updating my Imperial Guard. This month I will finish my Chimera.
By now I worked on the defensive line Aegis.
The main points behind this kind of barricades are:
- They are mass produced in the Forge World = available in high quantity.
-Easy to deploy thanks to Trojan Support Vehicles. In few hours it is possible to fortify a key sector of the border.
-(Out of Game) It is the cheapest barricade available on the market and, lacking of a base, can be used on the desert as well as in a city.

Here you may see its first use against a Tyranid horde. What you see below is the content of 3 Aegis defense line boxes. I use to deploy it also on the back, like a trench system, to protect my linemen also from artillery landing behind them.

I won.


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