US Heavy Armored Infantry

I completed my squad of heavy infantry for my US armored platoon.

The models are a mixture of Dust rangers and Incursion APE (as explained in a previous post).

I painted them with the classic USA Vallejo Brown-Violet (887) and highlighted with a mix of Olive Grey (888) and yellow.

The 5 men squad consists of:
two Cal .30 Browning (including the Sergeant), a Flamer, one Cal .50 water cooled Heavy Machine Gun, and a self-reloading Bazooka.

The squad has a nice tactical values (beside a good looking appeal), being able to be used as spear point in a assault or as heavy counter attack unit.
The heavy personal armor makes them quite resilient to small arms fire, while the combination of special infantry weapons (included the servo arms for the close combat) make them able to withstand several different threats.


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