USA Light Walker

I want to deploy Light Walkers for my German and USA army.
Light Walkers have the advantage to do not move too much the game balance as do medium and heavy walkers or tanks. A Light Walker can be destroyed easily by infantry weavy anti tank weapons and it can be also damage by infantry heavy weapons, such as Heavy Machine Guns.
Too often in the past, while playing a single tank Vs tank game, the first faction to hit and destroy the opponent tank was the one to win, with the infantry completely unable to be a real treath for the opposing tank.
I hope that with the use of Light Walkers the games will be more balanced.

Here you have my USA Light Walker, based on the Dust Light Assault Walker M1-A 'Wildfire'.

I added some storage to the back of the model to represent that it is a scout vehicle.
The pilot received a water canteen and a ColtM1911A1 for personal defense.
In our hobby store we decided that a pin-up would fit perfectly on the side armor. So a friend of mine made a free-hand based on the artist Corrie Erickson's pinup.

The model was also improved with a gunsight for a better aiming.


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