Quad Gun

Here it is my next unit for the Vanheim artillery company.
It is a multiple rocket launcher battery.

The rules are the same of the FW Death Korps of Krieg Quad Guns.

The models are from Dystopian Legions Type-17 Launcher.
The crew will be modified to better blend with my Imperial Guard regiment, and it will be also expanded with Krieg artillerymen. 

Feel the rightful fury of the Emperor!


  1. I've wondered about doing this myself. How do the fit next to GW Models? I mean are they to big, to small, or does the scale work together? I know that the normal mini's are bit to large compared to GW minis.

  2. I will post a photo as soon as they are ready. I do not have the FW Thudd Guns, but I can say the crewmen aren't bigger than GW Cadians.


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