Dogs of War Heavy Infantry

I spent some time going through my bits boxes.
They are full of wonders...
I made a bit of order and I was able to organise my Dogs of War troops.
I will be able to convert and paint the following unit:

Light Cavalry (5 lancers)
Heavy Cavalry (5 Knights)
Heavy Infantry (20 soldiers with pole arms)
Two blocks of pikemen (40 soldiers)
Crossbowmen (10 soldiers)
Every unit with full command group: Champion, Standard bearer and Musician.
Mercenary Captain on warhorse
Artillery (1 mortar with creaw)
Ogres (3, with great weapon)

I am fascinated by the amount of models I can paint and field without spending any extra money.
I also love that the models are a mixture of several companies (GW, Grenadier, Harlequin, etc.), but blend so well together.

Here it is a quick conversion I did last evening, before putting the models back in the bits box:


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