Mechanicum Snipers

After many thoughts and many months, I found a way to represent a unit of SM scout snipers in my army.
 I was never found of the concept of Iron Hands scout. The IH chapter is not the one to field such a unit in my opinion.
But I wanted a way to field such a cheap unit, especially in small games (i.e. 1000 pts).

The idea came with the recent release of the FW thralls.
I would use Mechanicum servitors as scout!
There is a strong bound between my chapter and the Adeptus Mechanicus, so the priests of Mars will be more than happy to contribute with few thralls and Skitarii.

The following models represent a unit of Scouts armed with sniper rifles.
The model are made of bits from Anvil Industries 'regiment' bionics,  space marines heads, Maxmini sniper rifles, and torsos from old Warzone Imperial plastic models.


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