Soviet command and support squads

Once again my friend visited me and it was the good occasion to go on with my Red Army 20mm company.
This time I painted a command squad, yeah, I need one.
It was the occasion to paint the ever charismatic political officer, the Commissar! What a Soviet army is without one?
I also wanted another very iconic symbol of the Soviets: the Red Army standard bearer :-)
It also add a bit of colour to this very green-brown army.

Moreover, I painted a bit of support units. My platoon is going to be supported by a sniper (every army needs one, but soviets even more!), the infamous Maxim heavy machine gun, and a much less charismatic but useful anti tank rifle.

Here is the list of the models:

лейтена́нт (Lieutenant) - Revell
Commissar - Revell
Standar Bearer - converted Revell
Sergeant - Esci/Italeri
Radio operator - Esci/Italeri

Heavy machine gun - Esci/Italeri
Anti-tank rifle - Zvezda
Sniper - converted Pegaus


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