Dogs of war artillery

After a busy period I am back to my beloved (and numerous) miniatures.
As you may know I am playing again my Warhammer fantasy models with the Kings of War rules. I was able to field again my loved Dogs of War.
I needed to increase the fire support to the advancing pikemen, so I added a Mortar to the Cannon I already had.
I bought this model long time ago (probably around 2003) from a friend. Today I am glad I did: this out of production Empire model is extremely beautiful and superior in quality to the current plastic model.
It got the baptism of fire two days ago and it destroyed an opponent artillery piece and killed the enemy standard bearer. Good start boys! Your earned your pay.


  1. Bellissima questa artiglieria rinascimentale, complimenti!
    Può tranquillamente essere usata in Warhammer, ma non sfigurerebbe in un wargame storico.


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