Bretonnian infantry

Last month wild rumours about a release of a new Bretonnian AB went through the internet.
I was quite excited and, even though the new AB didn't came, I went back to my beloved first army and decided to paint a bit of Bret minis.
I have a long project of restoring the several infantry units I started collecting during the ages.
A part of the project consists of restoring and finishing a unit of men at arms armed with spear and shield with the colors of the fortified town of Berme, yellow and black.
Here I present you the expansion I made with the "new" plastic men at arms. I did my best to convert the models to fit with the rest of the unit (removing the pavese and switching the pole arm with a spear) and removing all the comical look GW gave to the models in 2004.

I then removed from the unit few models equipped with the wrong weapons (axes, swords, etc.). That obliged me to find new models to replace them.
Here you can see the replacements:
another GW plastic, an old OOP metal men at arms, plus a Mirliton infantryman with cuir bouilli.

Another part of my evening foul work consisted in inventing a command group for a new unit of peasants I want to introduce in my army.
Basically it's been inspired by the Kings of War rules allowing to play peasant militia. A very useful "meat" screen to protect other, more valuable, units.

Those models are a mix of Foundry models plus other bits like a Tamiya dog and a OOP plastic Bret Knight helm.


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