Paymaster's Bodyguard, the Doppelsoldner

It took me the whole winter, but it is finally done!
This very old project of mine to create a unit of mercenaries with halberd and heavy armour is finally over.
The unit is a mix of several companies (Citadel, Grenadier, Perry Miniatures, Harlequin, Lead adventure, Front Rank, etc.)  I collected during the years.
The colour scheme is the same of all my and my brother Dogs of War army.
The banner is the union of the new Condottieri family's coat of arms and a unic regimental banner.
The banner is in the Reinaissance style, but with an original heraldry. It depict a black roosters. The fighting cock is a symbol that fits well with the mercenary life style and this animal is also linked to a famous good red wine brand in my region: Chianti.

In Warhammer they are either the Dogs of War Paymaster bodyguard or Empire greatswords.
In Kings of War they are a regiment of Palace Guards.

In my army they are absolutely Doppelsoldner, they are an elite unit and receive double pay.


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