Warhammer is Dead, Long Live The Warhammer!

You are probably aware of the suicidal action of the Games Workshop to end the Warhammer world to create a new, I would say plain and uninteresting, new setting called Age of Sigmar.

I am not interested in both the new setting and the new game rules.
On opposite direction to this, I am going to keep alive the beautiful and rich Warhammer world I grew up with in the last 20 years.
I am also going to use the fast and balanced Kings of War rules Second edition.

My plan for the next year includes restoring and enlarging my WHFB Chaos Slaanesh and Bretonnia collection.
Painting again my Bretonnians will be like a jump in the past into my childhood.
I've never been so excited about Warhammer Fantasy in the last years. Until it was killed by GW. Now it is going to be really mine.


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