Knights Errant

I continue with my project of restoring and completing my Bretonnian collection. 
Now it is the turn of the Knight Errant. 

As you know, I play my Bretonnia with the Kings of War ruleset. 
In "The Brotherhood" list (the Bretonnians of the Mantic world) the Knights Errant, also called Villain Initiates, are played in unit of 10.
I have 5 of them and I want to bring the unit up to 10 models. 

This is the situation nowadays:

First rank: 
4 models painted, trumpeter missing.

Second Rank:
one model painted, missing 4 knights.

I plan to us the bodies of the old metal Perry Twins's Knights Errants on the 6th ed. plastic knights.

Now I am working on the these two fellas:


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