Peasants and other Bretonnian infantry

I finished the "command group" of my peasant militia.
I like them, as they represent well my idea of Bretonnian armed farmen.
The unit leader is a smith, larger and tougher then the average commoner, armed with a pair of hammers.
The musician is a little whistling and drummer boy with is dog companion.
The "standar bearer" hold a "relic" shield belonged to a Questing knight attached to a pole with a wooden dolly of the Lady of the Lake on the top.
A militiaman is equipped with a sling, giving well the idea how "dangerous" this unit is.

I also had the opportunity to update the livrery of  three old men-at-arms. They had a hold paint scheme. Now they wear the blue of the Quenelles infantrymen.

For last, I bought and immediately painted a Reaper miniature in order to increase the size of my Grail Nuns (count as Battle Pilgrim) unit.
This one a agood one! The size of her... faith deserves the front rank!


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