more peasants

Other four militiamen join the rank of my "peasant levy".
Even if in the Brotherhood list the Plowshares are best fielded in hordes of  40 or even better of 60 men, my aim is to paint a unit of 20 to add to my already large infantry collection.
Another small group and my painting objective will be accomplished!

Please note how puny and ineffective are the two old men. I love the idea that this cannon fodder is completely worthless as a fighting force, but it will be employed mostly to slow down the enemy (with their own carnage). That will allow a tactically successful Knights countercharge,
if they do not run away too early...
Another use could be a secondary line of reinforcements. They are dirtly cheap and can be easily added to an army. The enemy will probably ignore them, so they could survive enough to add their number in a combat involving knight units that did not overrun the enemy lines. Even with their poor stats, a side charge of the militiamen can be devasting if it arrives in the right moment.


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