Bretonnian Brigands Part 2

Here it is my unit of Brigands!
The Perry models were easy to paint, they are neat and clean, the details on the miniature perfect. The brush goes by itself on the crisp parts, without much risk of mistakes.
I also love the good human proportion of the models.

To paint them as seen in the old 4th edition Rule Book made the whole session like a "historical research" inside the Warhammer miniatures history.
I never did something like this. Usually I invent my own painting scheme, themed ether with De Rochefort's blasons or Quenelles' Army. But this time I had a precious old book to copy from. It was a mix between historical wargaming and religious reverence


  1. Hello! Just found your blog and i really enjoy the nice stuff you do! Short question: in the other peasant pictures ( yellow/black color chema)you have a champion with a crown on his head and im looking for exactly that since a long time. Could you please tell me were you found the model? I really love the model.

    Keep up the good work


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