New game: Team Yankee

I was tempted and I failed. Like always.
During a model and wargaming fair last month I say a selle with the new Flames of War Team Yankee game.
I have to say I loved it. Every army is amazing, the models are well done and the army books are marvellous.
In the past, I resisted as much as I could to the 15mm scale. I already have a huge IIWW collection in 1:72, and I did not want to restart it in 1:100.
BUT... that's modern warfare... it is different...
I also took this decision because the modern plastic soldiers and models in 1:72  are not cheaper than the BattleFront ones in 1:100.

I could not decide which army to pick. I loved them all: The USA, the Soviets and the West Germans.
I finally decided for something different! I would have done the Italians!
Why not, after all Italy is a country at the border of the Iron Curtain (Comunist Yugoslavia was not the best ally of USSR, but for sure in a war it would have sided the reds).

It doesn't matter to me if the Italian Army is included in the Team Yankee book. Italy is a NATO nation and it is placed on the frontline.

My first plan was to identify which Team Yankee models from other armies I could collect for the "Esercito Italiano".
Luckily in the Italian army many US vehicles were employed, while others were developped together with the German industries.

My very first Team Yankee models are therefore the Leopard 1 (of  which 800 were used by either bought or directly produced the Italians).
The rules are in the Leopard 1 are in the West Germans expansions called exactly "Leopard"

All I had to do was to paint it with the Esercito Italiano olive green...

...and the magic was done!
I love them! They are so cute!

I used the Battlefront NATO Green spray, I then added some dark brown  wash plus a light green drybrush. Then some weathering and few scratches. Painting the license plates was quite hard by the way.
I will need many of those tanks, as they cost only 3 points each.

Now my plan includes to find adn buy the other already available models:

The M113 transport:

The M109 self-propelled howitzer:

M106 Mortar carrier

Tornado combat aircraft:


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