Bertrand le Brigand and the bowmen of Bergerac

In the framework of my 20 years Anniversary, I am completing the collection of my Bretonnian army.

Bertrand and his companions are some of the first miniatures I collected. Strangely enough I never painted a full unit of Bergerac, only few plastic archers. 
So I went bact to the very base of the unit's composition and painted new models. 
They are Foundry "Medieval Ribaulds", others are Brigands from companies I forgot the name, plus a couple of converted 5th ed plastic archers.  

Last, but not least, I repainted the original trio to make them fit better with the rest of the unit. 

I like that I can play this unit in Warhammer as well as in Kings of War and 9th Age. 

Another miniature I finished this week is a Grail Nun from Reaper. I removed the two swords and replaced them with mace and shield. Now it fits better with the rest of the unit of the Grail Reliquary she is going to join...


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