Panavia Tornado

Here it is my second unit for Team Yankee game.

I continue my project of fielding an Italian '80s army,
I've added a flight support unit with an anti-helicopter.

The models  are from Revell Tornado ECR in 1:144 scale. With a very little conversion they became Tornado IDS.
At the moment they miss a flight stand, I am going to build one with transparent plastic. They are also missing air-to-ground bombs. I am waiting for Battlefront to add extra rules for them (e.g. the 1000 lb Mk 83 bomb or the 500 lb Mk82), because I don't like how the cluster bomb dispenser looks on the model.

It was not easy to find information about the painting scheme of Italian '80 air force colours. I have to admit anyway that it was an interesting challenge going throgh many fighter enthusiast websites and look at their photos for inspiration.
Very complicated was also to hand paint all the red-white-green circles of the Italian air force's symbol. I missed a lot not having some decals to help me in the job.

I also made a gaming card for this unit for the Team Yankee game:


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