German 8cm Mortar

After I moved to a new city, I have finally time again for my hobby.
I finished this mortar team I started last October.
It is a Warlord SS medium mortar, while the crew received  Secrets of Third Reich heads with gas mask  to defend it from T-Virus.

I play this team in our Konflikt '47 games, but it can be used in Secrets of the Third Reich as well.

I mounted the crew on separated bases in order to be able to field the team without problems in a dense terrain or to fit it well behing scenary and consequently in cover.

The uniforms are a mix of Oak Tree (both Spring and Fall) and Pea Dot, to represent the chaotic array of military supply in a war lasting more than 8 years.


  1. Compliments!
    Very good camouflage.
    One of the most difficult to paint subjects.
    See you soon

    Ottime mimetizzazioni.
    Uno dei soggetti più difficili da dipingere.
    A presto

  2. Very nicely done, wonderful details!


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