Italian Army - Late War

I finished the first part of my Bolt Action army.
It consists of 600 points selected from the books Armies of Italy and Duel in the Sun (pag. 117-118).

They were painted with the Italian M1929 Telo Mimetico, the first mass-produced camouflage pattern for military usage,

Officer Tenente Zanin and adjutant  Maresciallo Simoncini

Team Fucilieri (riflemen) Donati

Team Fucilieri Paoletti

Team Mitragliatrice (machine gun) Chilleri with MG42

Cannone da 105 (medium howitzer) ufficiale: Poli

As vehicles there are: 

and the 
armored car AB40 

with converted turret in order to be able to field also the


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