Cardinal Lotharius I

The new HQ for my growing Adeptus Ministorum army is ready!
I introduce you to His Holyness Cardinal Lotharious I!

Time ago, when Ratzinger was elected as Pope in Rome, in our gaming and painting group we started to make a lot of jockes that we needed a fighting Pope, who would lead us into a new crusade aboard his white super tank. The name we gave to this imaginary Pope was that of Lotharius I. A freind o mine selected the image of Cardinal Dominic from the Warzone card game as his avatar. (yes, we created a fake profile and a blog for his action :-) ).

A couple of years ago I bought the Warzone miature game model for Cardinal Dominic, and now that I run a Ministorum army, Lotharius I can go back on field and lead his devotees from the front!

Here you may see him in all his glory in the Paul Bonner illustration for Warzone:


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