Redemptionists - Frateris Militia

I finished my first unit of my new army: Adeptus Ministorum.
The release of the New Adepta Sororitas Codex made me willing to proceed with this project.
The Redemptionists are fanatics willing to sacrifice themselves to pursue their creed.
The Red Redemption is an Imperial Cult doctrine dedicated to the purge of mankind.
The models for these zealots come from a great mix of sources: WHFB Empire Flagellants, Frostgrave Cultists and WH40K Cultists. The flamer is Pious Vorne from the game Blackstone Fortress. 

Rulewise I will be playing them as Troops in my Adeptus Ministorum army. The rules come from the unnameable army cultists, just changing the key words.
Here I reproduced their rules to be read by pure eyes.
Costs: 4 points per model. 


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