Third Italian War of Independence

I want to start (another) new project. Since I was a kid I heard about the birth of the nation I was born in.
 For years I saw pieces of art and I read in school books about those events.
Now I decided to start collecting and to make alive those uniforms that so much influenced my youth. 
Many of the units that I am going to collect mark the military history of the Italian army and are famous in later scenarios, like the Bersaglieri, the Savoia Cavalleria, etc. 

As gaming rules to play them I was thinking of the Osprey Rebels and Patriots rulebook, a Lion Rampant style game set to represent the American civil war occurring in the same period of the Italian wars. 

The very first unit I painted are Gringo 40's Bersaglieri with their running pose they are famous of!

 They could be used even in a possible scenario against Russians in the Crimean War.

The second unit I painted are the newly arrived Garibaldini from Shako 64. These volunteers with their red jackets appeared in many wars, even in America.

Already planned in this project are:
Carabinieri Cuirassiers,
Savoia Cavalleria,
plus some generic Kingdom of Sardinia/Italy Infantry


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