Knights of Origo

 I am playing a narrative serie of battles with my Bretonnian army, with a Errantry War / Crusade in Araby as main theme. 

I was looking for background and I found a small treasure of WHFB history. 

In 1983 the story of a regiment of renown inspired to the Knights Hospitaller was written and even miniatures were sculpted: the Knights of Origo.

I found them because in the recent Warhammer Total War II videogame, one sub-faction are the Knights of Origo. A come back after 34 years! 

 To make everything even more interesting is the fact that some fan of the Old World wrote the rules for this regiment of renown for more "modern" WHFB editions.

 I could not resist, I always loved as kid templar knights of all kind and, as Bretonnian player, I always needed to field a unit of foot knights. So I went through my large collection of bits and forgotten miniatures and assembled a regiment of Knights of Origo to be used in my Errantry War. 

The models are a wild mix of different companies. Some of them are very old, only the command group is new, with the champion, the standard bearer and the musician being Kingdom of Mercia miniatures printed by me for this unit.

I edited on Photoshop and printed the shields and banner with the cross of Origo.


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