L6/40 and Lanciafiamme

 I printed and painted my first ever self printed tank from a file I got  from a Kickstarter. I later printed a second turret and gllued a  flamer gun from a Cv33 file found online.

It is amazing how today it is possible to print your own model. I remember well, how as a child I had to look what my local store had, because that was all I could get before internet arrived. 

The small L6/40 and its (deadly) flamer version can be fielded in an Italian army filling a "armoured car" slot, leaving the "tank" slot free for a second tank. Being a tracked vehicle, it can go over deep snow in our scenarios in Russia, where the Alpini are fighting. 

I made a generic 42 camo, as I did not find evidence of white/snow camo for the Italian vehicles in Russia. It has the positive side that I can use this model even in Africa and Europe.


The Lanciafiamme version:

The file in the printing program:
The model just printed


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