Dogs of War - Landskenecht Ogre Sergeant

 Sometimes I go back to the Old World and paint some model for my old armies. 

 This time I was motivate by a couple of games with SAGA Age of Magic.

 This new unit is  for my mercenary army, a mix of Tilean and Empire units of Dogs of War. 

The models are by "Erramir Orlans" from Joy Games Interactive, 3D printed by me a bit larger and "fattier" to better fit with GW Ogres. 

Here you have the Sergeant of the unit of mercenary Ironguts with Pavese. Simply house rule like Braganza Besiegers Pavese or play them with heavy armour and shield. 

They can be also  played as Siegebreakers in a Kings of War game, so their name "Belagerungfresser"!


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