Mercenary Giant

 I wanted to add something special to my Dogs of War army which could be used also in Saga: Age of Magic and kings of War. I found the answer in the beautiful giant of MoM Miniatures, a great model with Imperial look that fits perfectly with my DoW army.

Giants can be great mercenary, among the most famous the Giants of Albion Bologs and Cachtorr. I decided to add one to my army wiht a wit and intellect above the (low) average. 

The Giant known in the land of men as Hirt or Heert, or Hierth, is a special one. First he does not like raw meet, preferring a more vegetarian diet: eggs, bread, milk and obviously beer. 

Hirt was first hired by a herdsman conducting his bulls and cows through the dangerous lands of the Border Princes. There Hirt was the first and only to be attracted by the herd not to eat it. The herdsman saw the opportunity to get an awesome escort for his trip, being able to pay the giant with simple (even if a lot of) goods he had plenty of. 

After few years, other employers found a way to use the strenght of the giant for their purpose. So Hirt went from town to town, slowly deeper in the civilized world, finding always more delicious food. 

Being the above the average giant, he learned how to behave with men and not to cause (too much) damage among them. He also learned the basic way to communicate in different languages, traveling up and down the Old World. 

When a Tilean merchant prince met Hirt during one of his trips, he immediately understood the potential of a giant so used to human relations. So started the military career of this now "Imperial" giant, fighting alongside his comrades in arms on many battlefields for several years. 



The rules for generic giants for the Dogs of War list:




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