Mercenary Ogre Landsknecht

 I am very proud of my latest work: a unit of mercenary ogres for my old Dogs of War WH army. 

Few months ago I made the sergeant for the unit, now the rest of the unit is read to fight for the best pay, may it be silver or beef!

 To field a unit of Ogres with the "imperial" look, in order to fit with the rest of my Renaissance DoW army, was a long project of mine and I am happy to be finally able to do it. 

The name of this regiment of renown is "Mangiassedi" in Tilean language and "Belagerungsfresser" in Reikspiel  (also called Imperial). They specialize in breaking down castle defenses,  protecting their advance using giant Pavese shields. Such ogres are veterans of many years serving in several mercenary companies, as each set of armour and weapons uses enough metal to armour a human knight and it is very rare to find a tailor for their size!

The unit can be used in Saga Age of Magic as Bibeps Creatures, or in Kings of War as Siege Breakers, or, most important, in Warhammer Fantasy as Iron Guts with heavy armour and great weapon and maybe Pavese shield (+2 armour save only against shooting).







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