Astrian Line Infantry 1866

 I started (another) new project: the Austrians as opponent of my (nevere really started) Italian Indipendence Wars army

The factor that pushed me to start and paint this army was the consideration that of course I need an opponent to my Italians, but more important is that two players in my gaming clubs have expressed their intention to collect Perry plastic Prussians for the 1871 war against France. The same models can be used against Austrians in the 1866 Prussian-Austrian War. So I will be building a second army to fight against the Italians, but at the same time I am motivated in painting by playing regularly in club.

 The rule set will be Kugelhagel, a German Napoleonic game, but I am going to base individually, in order to be able to play with other  games, like Rebels&Patriots from Osprey. 

Very few companies produce models for 1866 Austrian army, the models below are from Mirliton Miniatures.

The movement trays are 3D printed.


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